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the editorial collective

Partner and Co-founder of the Editorial Collective, Andrea Eppolito.

Partner and Co-founder of the Editorial Collective, Andrea Eppolito.


the editorial collective

All roads lead to this, even if Founder and Editor-in-Chief Andrea Eppolito didn't quite see it at first.

As an author, an artist, and an entrepreneur, Andrea has been obsessed with chronicling life's most important moments.  As much as she loves all things digital the part of her committed to heritage feels strongly about having hard copies of photos, letters, love notes, and stories.  After all, a twenty year old USB is simply defunct technology; while a 20 year old album or photo is archival, timeless, and a part of your history.

While working as a luxury wedding planner, Andrea was inspired to document the process of wedding planning as a gift for one of her couples.  Andrea wrote all of the copy, took all of the behind the scenes photos, and worked with a printer to deliver the issue both online and in-hand.  Soon, other couples, photographers, and venues started asking for their own issues.  And with that, The Wedding Editorialist was born.

Weddings were just the beginning.  There were birthdays to document, children, and vacations.  Businesses outside of the event industry began to take note, and almost immediately the began inventing ways to use this platform as a sales and marketing piece. 

The Editorial Collective was founded with one purpose in mind; to tell a story, with pieces that bend to the will of the creator.  Personal.  Professional.  Commemorative.  Sales Driven.  One platform; unlimited use.

The Editorial Collective is the parent company to both The Wedding Editorialist and The Corporate Editorialist.  The first documents one of life's most meaningful personal milestones, while the second creates one of a kind marketing pieces that allow brands to communicate directly with their customer base.

And for all of those other moments that are just as special?

The Editorial Collective manages the legacy program of each division.  

With a purchase of a Features or Luxe Issue from The Wedding Editorialist, we will waive the custom title of all future purchases, allowing you the freedom to work with our editors to create gorgeous magazines that document your pregnancy, new baby, trip to Europe, or recent home purchase.  If it matters to you, we want to document it.

Similarly, how often do facets of your business change?  Employees are promoted, projects are announced, there are quarterly and annual announcements to make.  Through The Corporate Editorialist we offer a retainer program through which you are welcome to make changes to you piece at will. We will update the magazine and re-issue it online. The link to your piece stays the same; only the content will change.

And if you prefer to create a new piece every 3, 6, or 12 months, The Corporate Editorialist offers loyalty incentives for each new issue you produce.

The Editorial Collective is just that....An accumulation of all the things that matter most in your business and your life. 

We look forward to helping you tell your story. 

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