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From the Corporate Editorialist of Destination Photographer Phillip Van Nostrand.

From the Corporate Editorialist of Destination Photographer Phillip Van Nostrand.


The most beautiful custom marketing piece you will ever invest in.

The ever changing world of business moves fast.  New products and services are flooding the market every day.  The competition is getting stronger, smarter, and savvier by the minute. How do you compete?

By taking your company directly to the people.  In today's tech-driven society, customers are developing relationships with brands on line each and every day.  They communicate through Instagram and Twitter, message through Facebook, and keep up on new promotions via email.  It is the way of the world, and if you want to stand out you need to offer something no one else will.  

The Corporate Editorialist is the best of all worlds.  Based on the familiar layout of a magazine, the Corporate Editorialist combines the greatest innovations that technology has to offer.  Your photos.  Your story.  It's you, communicating directly with your customers.  With images that you can share across all forms of social media, and a message that is clearly your own, an issue of the Corporate Editorialist will include live links that drive readers directly back to your site where they will book, buy, and share.

The best part is that we are both high tech AND high touch.  In a world where bytes and pages are cheap and free, print is reserved for the best of the best that can afford it.  For those who believe (as we do) that print is not dead, and that paper makes an impact, we offer a partnership with an international print firm that will produce your issue on high quality paper, bound and set in the style of the highest quality and form.

Print one copy.  Print one thousand.  You are in complete control of the design, production, and print.

Your company.  Your message.  Your clients.  Your way.

The Corporate Editorialist welcomes the opportunity to partner with you.