Custom wedding magazine is a perfect wedding favor or gift.  Slide it into your welcome bag, or print and mail to your guests.  Custom Wedding Favor. 

How does it work?

We consider our purchases submissions.  Once you select which piece you wish to create, complete your purchase and you will receive a questionnaire along with all necessary releases via a link online.  We are completely transparent, and if you want to take a glimpse at some of the legalese you will be required to sign off on, check out our Terms of Service.

You will have 24 hours to download your intake kit.  Complete your packet online and return to The Wedding Editorialist digitally, along with a Dropbox folder of images.  Upon receipt, you will be assigned a personal editor who will review your submission, set your pages, and design the magazine to tell your story with a mix of words, messages, and images.  Your preview will be sent to you online in approximately 4-6 weeks, and you will be given one set of revisions to ensure that your publication is absolutely perfect. 

The final piece will be created and published within 7 - 10 business days.  You will receive a link to the publication, a digital download, and a social sharing icon.  Additionally, you will receive one hard copy of your publication, with the option to purchase more.  

And that's not all!  Select couples will be featured on The Wedding Editorialist blog, Facebook, and Instagram page! Could you imagine!?!?

Select from these styles


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience that you can't help but want to relive and share!  The Features Issue allows you to tell your love story in your own words, and then leave the rest to us!  Our Editors have created the perfect commentary about what it means to be a bride, a groom, and a couple.  We include notes on details, and document the full story of the day with your photos.  The Features Issue includes 40 pages of photos and text....Perfect for the couple that LOVES their photos, but hates to write!

The Luxe Issue of the Wedding Editorialist is reserved for those couples that want to tell the entire story of their relationship.  With up to 50 pages of stunning photos, the Luxe Edition allows you to include your Engagement Photos, Behind the Scenes Planning Photos, and your Wedding Photos.  Additionally, the Luxe Edition allows to you write your own articles and text, or use ours.  The Luxe Issue includes up to 50 pages featuring you and your wedding.  The greatest keepsake for any newlywed couple, and an amazing gift for parents, the bridal party, and anyone who attended your special day!  Everyone will feel like a celebrity with they see themselves in your magazine!




Designed as a welcome gift for your guests, a favor, or just the coolest thing anyone has ever seen!  It's a wedding website, love letter, itinerary, and more that guests can hold in their hand.  This piece includes everything that the original Wedding Editorialist does in terms of layout and style.  Complete with an editorial introduction, your love story, and a section which allows you to introduce your team of vendors, the Features Issue gives celebrity coverage of your event!  Guests will never need to wonder (or bother you with questions!) about where they need to be, what they should do, or when. This piece also includes an overview of the city, a venue profile, and any behind the scenes photos you wish to share.

The Destinations Issue will serve not only as a unique favor to your guests, but as their travel guide.  The agenda for the group with all start and stop times will never go missing, as it is included right there for all of your guests to see in up to 40 pages.   

When you return home, add The Features Issue onto your piece for one massive magazine that tells the entire story of your wedding!

The Wedding Editorialist respects and values our creative partners.  It is an honor and a privilege to assist you in curating a custom piece that showcases your style and services.  With The Wedding Editorialist you have complete control over your presentation and your branding.  Speak directly to your collaborators and clients with quarterly issues that you can email, print, embed, and send. Showcase your work in 40 - 60 beautifully curated pages.