Because every love story deserves to be told...
Wedding Editorialist Founder Andrea Eppolito

Andrea Eppolito

Founder and Creative Director Andrea Eppolito is a luxury wedding planner based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After producing a number of personalized magazines for her clients, Andrea began receiving requests for custom publications from other couples, wedding creatives, and even corporations.

In November of 2016, Andrea formally created The Editorial Collective, a self publishing company founded to help couples, families, and businesses create pieces that would stand the test of time.

With a deep belief that love stories should not only be told, but celebrated and shared, Andrea is created with creating the original pieces which ultimately became The Wedding Editorialist.

Knowing that a wedding is not the end, but the beginning, Andrea has also designed heritage issues available to clients celebrating all of the milestones of life. The Maternity Issue, The Annual Issue, Vacation Editions, and more are available to legacy clients.

And lastly, as a firm believer in community over competition, Andrea sought to offer her colleagues and other professionals a way to showcase their work. The Professional Edition of The Wedding Editorialist offers other wedding planners, photographers, decorators, and partners the chance to present their work in a unique manner, which sets them apart from the competition.

Andrea Eppolito is honored to be entrusted with the milestones of life.

Wedding Planner. Story teller. Designer. Editor.

Andrea tells the greatest loves stories of all time...yours.



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Tony Fisher

Partner of the Editorial Collective,