Because every love story deserves to be told...
Wedding professionals love Wedding Editorialist Magazine! It allows the to showcase their work with complete control over the imagery, content, and words.

The Wedding Editorialist was created by a luxury wedding planner who believed that there was a better way for creatives to showcase their work. While there is nothing quite like the rush of being published by an independent wedding influencer, often times we find that there is more of the story to tell, more images to share, and that the very best way to connect with our clients is to speak to them directly.

The Wedding Editorialist Magazine gives creatives complete editorial control over how their brand and services are presented to the world.  Each wedding professional that publishes a marketing piece with us receives a 1 hour consultation with a dedicated editor to discuss the content and layout of their specific piece. 

How are professionals using The Wedding Editoiralist Magazine?  Here are just a few ways:

  • Wedding Planners are creating "behind the scenes" issues and gifting them to clients as a Thank You present.

  • Venues are showcasing not only their favorite couples and weddings, but also including articles that introduce their wedding specialists, chefs, and menus. Live links can serve as revenue drivers, directing clients to storefronts, rservation systems, and even Open Table.

  • Photographers love the wedding editorialist! They are reselling issues to their clients as unique, fun ways to share their weddings, creating pieces that showcase their best work and leaving them in their favorite venues, and they are just blowing up Instagram with photos of their work in our issues.

  • Wedding Designers, Florists, and Rental Companies are now able to walk clients through their processes, showcasing their best work and spotlighting new offerings.

The ways to make The Wedding Editorialist your own are absolutely limitless!!!

We so deeply respect our creative partners.  We want you to succeed!  Your success is our success, which makes our partnership so important.  That is why we are so happy to answer before you place your order.  To connect with a dedicated editor, simply CLICK HERE.

How to get your wedding published in a magazine. Printed copy of The Wedding Editorialist.

The Wedding Editorialists gives creatives complete control.

Your Professional Piece will include:

  • Up to 60 pages cover to cover dedicated to your business

  • Your choice of cover

  • A dedicated Letter from the Editor introducing your business

  • A 1 hour Design Consultation with a personal editor

  • Suite of social sharing icons in JPEG that you can upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more

  • Control of your image, branding, and sharing your work, your way.

  • Ensure that your couples and events are always published. You choose which photos to showcase, which stories to tell, and you drive the narrative about who you are and how you communicate with your clients.

  • Showcase your favorite venues and creative partners

  • Testimonials from former clients and partners

  • Vendor Showcases to align yourself with other esteemed professionals

  • One printed issue, with the opportunity to purchase additional copies