Because every love story deserves to be told...
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We Guarantee Your Wedding Will Be Published!!!

Did you rush out to buy the latest magazines the moment you became engaged?  Did you spend hours reading wedding blogs?  How gorgeous were those couples?  How beautiful were those receptions?  Did you just swoon over image after image, and imagine yourself in the middle of those pages?

We believe that every love story deserves to be told!  Work with our editors to create a full featured magazine....Making you the cover couple, special feature, and superstar all at once....Online AND In Print!

Our process is simple:  Submit your wedding photos and your personal love story to our editors along with a set up fee.  You will receive a submission guide that will walk you through the process of sending in your photos and your love story.  Within just a few weeks, your digital issue will be completed and published, with a printed copy on it's way to you shortly thereafter!

You know, today we live two lives  - One with our family and friends IRL (that's "in real life") and one online with an even larger social network. If it isn't on Instagram (or Facebook, or Twitter, or Tumblr) it didn't happen!  You deserve better than that!  Don't get lost in the shuffle! 

PS - Not interested in a full magazine?  We offer blog posts 

How to get your wedding published in a magazine.  Printed copy of The Wedding Editorialist.

The Wedding Editorialist was created for couples.

Submit your wedding today!  Our Personal Issues include:

  • 40 pages cover to cover dedicated to your wedding
  • A dedicated Letter from the Editor introducing your wedding
  • Your love story, in your words
  • 7 to 10 articles about your relationship, each one of you, the details, and the day.
  • Stunning images that showcases your wedding
  • Suite of social sharing icons in JPEG that you can upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • One printed issue, with the opportunity to purchase additional copies.

Customize You Issue By Including:

  • Your Engagement Story and Photos
  • Venue Profile
  • Letters from Family & Friends
  • Screengrabs and Bitmojis
  • Additional Pages
  • And more!!!!