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The Destinations Issue

The Destinations Issue


The Destination Issue gives wedding professionals and creatives the ability to showcase and marker their work in a completely unique way.  

This issue features between 40 pages, an online magazine, and one printed copy.  Additional copies are available for purchase via our third party publishing partner.

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What is the best thing you can put in a welcome gift bag?  What should you give your guests at a destination wedding?  Why, a magazine all about you, your love, and your location - of course!

The most unique Wedding Favor you will ever give.  The most meaningful wedding keepsake you will ever get!

The Destinations Issue will be 40 pages cover to cover.  Delivered digitally and available for sharing via an online link and an embedding code and one printed issue from our third party publishing partner. 

The Destinations Issue includes:

- Your love story and the tale of your engagement, along with a profile of the city and venue you will be heading to.

- A hand crafted list of things to see, places to dine, and things to do in your specific location.

- Behind the scenes wedding planning photos meant to tease your guests with what's to come.

- Do you love your wedding production team?  SPotlight your wedding planner, photographer, decorator, or venue.

- A clear, concise itinerary with details of what is happening, when, and where over the course of your wedding celebration - guaranteeing that your guests don't miss a thing!  And that they don't bog you down with questions!  All of the information they need is in one place.

-A full page magazine cover featuring one of your photos, alongside the title of the magazine and issue number.

- A digitally hosted issue of your magazine that you can send and share.  Have your guests download it for off line reading so it is always on their mobile phone!

- One printed hard copy of the actual magazine, and the option to purchase more directly from our printing partner.

- Reduced / wholesale printing prices that allow you to publish enough hard copies to be hand delivered to each guest suite.

- Two social sharing icons in JPEG that you can upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.