Because every love story deserves to be told...

The Couples Issue

The Couples Issue


The Features Issue for Couples is a custom, personalized magazine that showcases one wedding per issue.  This piece includes 40 pages of full cover images and articles that share your love story in your own words.  Share how you fell in love, engagement photos, and up to 100 beautiful photos from your wedding day.

Created digitally as an online magazine, your issue will be hosted for you to read, send, and share.  Post it on Instagram, Facebook, everywhere!

The Features Issue for Couples is also delivered to you in print!  Imagine...going to your mailbox and getting a full color, professional designed, printed and bound magazine that looks and feels just like a "real" magazine you would subscribe to....Because it is a real magazine!  Featuring you and you alone...

Additional copies are available for purchase, and make great gifts for your family and friends.

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Your wedding.  Your way.  This is the most luxurious, personal wedding piece you will ever create, for yourself or to share.  

The Features Issue for Couples completely documents the wedding planning process, and will make you a celebrity among your family and friends.

The Features Issue for Couples will be 40 pages cover to cover.  Delivered digitally and available for sharing online.

The Features Issue for Couples purchase also includes:

- A magazine cover featuring one FULL PAGE image of your photos, alongside the title of the magazine and issue number.

- Up to 10 articles that document how you met and fell in love, the details of your engagement, the wedding planning process, and all of the stunning details of your wedding day.  Perfect for couples who want to tell their love story in their own words.

- Not comfortable writing?  Not to worry!   Our Editors have secured a selection of well written articles that we can drop in and include in the places that need text.

- A digitally hosted issue of your magazine that you can send and share will be published in 4-6 weeks.

- One printed hard copy of the actual magazine will be sent to you, and the option to purchase more directly from our printing partner.

- A set of social sharing icons in JPEG that you can upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.