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The Professional Edition

The Professional Edition


We value the relationship we have with our creative partners and look forward to delivering you a beautiful, curated marketing piece.

Your Professional Edition includes up to 60 pages cover to cover.  Delivered digitally and available for sharing online.  Professionals will receive a link, an embedding code, and one printed issue.

The Pro Piece purchase also includes:

- Your choice of cover (full image or cropped)

- A 1 hour design consultation with a personal editor who will write a Letter from the Editorialists while also helping you organize your articles and images.

- A suite of social sharing icons in JPEG that you can upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

- But most importantly, by working with The Wedding Editorialist, you have control of your image, your branding, and sharing your work, your way.  

- Ensure that your couples and events are always published.  You choose which photos to showcase, which stories to tell, and you drive the narrative about who you are and how you communicate with your clients.

- Suggested articles:  Write to feature your general work, showcase your favorite weddings, highlight different markets you specialise in, offer helpful hints, and take clients behind the scenes so they can get to know you personally.

- Supplement your magazine with professionally written articles from other wedding pros throughout the world, giving value to both your potential clients and partners.

- Upgrade your pages and feature partner profiles and / or advertisements, cementing your professional relationships, showing appreciation for your partners and colleagues, and reestablishing your network and community. 

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