The Wedding Editorialist - A Note from Co-Founder Andrea Eppolito

The Wedding Editorialist - A Note from Co-Founder Andrea Eppolito

Welcome to The Wedding Editorialist!  

As Co-founder and Creative Director, I am believe that love stories are not only meant to be told, but documented, shared, and preserved for all time.  Love is one of the only universal emotions that cuts across all lines of humanity.  It makes us laugh, cry, hope and dream while connecting us in a way little else does.

When I started my wedding planning business in 2011, I found that while nearly all of my couples wanted to share their stories publicly, and have their weddings featured online or in magazines.  Yet there was not always an appropriate publication that made sense for them.  Whether due to the style or the story, having a wedding featured requires more than simply submitting.

As a creative and as a business owner, I found this frustrating on so many levels.  First, I love my couples, and believed that each one of them had a unique and specific message that the world needed to hear.  Secondly, it was not always easy to craft the proper submission.  Some weddings were heavily detailed, but the couple's fashion and aesthetic didn't quite make sense to a specific blog.  In other instances, my clients were more focused on portraits and style, and a little light on the details; a requirement for print magazines.  What was the best way to craft a submission?  Which publications were best suited for for my couples?  And for my business?  

Time passed, and I became better; not only as a wedding planner, but as a curator of photos and a teller of stories.  My work - and my clients weddings - are being featured nationwide in and om publications such as Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Junebug, Carats and Cake, Reverie Gallery, and even in The New York Times.  Still, there are only so many inches a blog or a magazine can dedicate to one couple, and I wanted more!  I wanted to show more, to share more, and - because I believe that sometimes the best part of life happens behind the scenes and before the pretty - I started to document the planning process I went through with my couples in much greater detail.  

A long time closeted artist, I spent much of my teenage years carrying around both a camera and a journal.  I was so compelled to document my life.  Drawing from that inspiration, I began taking my own behind the scenes photos of wedding planning events such as site visits, decor demos, and food tastings.  I wanted my clients to see their wedding through my eyes, and I began taking photos of their set up, wedding, and even tear down, too.  My blog mixed the behind the scenes nitty gritty with the polished and pretty, and I loved it.  

By 2016, my clients were just out of this world!  I am talking phenomenal couples, amazing decor, the most unreal productions and beautiful displays that you could have imagined.  And I had all this stuff - from photos to stories, text messages and bitmojis - just begging for a place to go.  One day I thought, "How cool would it be for me to gift my couple with a magazine that showcases everything we shared during our time together?  I could self publish something...I mean, how hard could it be?!?"

Turns out, it is really, really hard!  Or, at least, it was.  My first magazine took me over 3 months to design and build. The second took about 6 weeks, and by the third I was able to produce in what I thought was record time!  After all, I knew the stories, I had the photos, and the magazines started to write themselves.  The best part of it all was that I was able to feature what was important to the couple with no styling restraints or aesthetic requirements that are required from established blogs.

Then, one magazine went viral!  Suddenly, I was getting asked to produce pieces for couples that I had never met, for wedding professionals who wanted an alternative platform where they could show and share their work, and even from a few meeting planners that saw potential for the magazines as corporate gifts. 

What had I done?  It seems as if I unwittingly created the world's most personal and unique wedding favor and gift, but I was completely unprepared to produce it for anyone outside of the Andrea Eppolito Events family.  That's where my partner and co-founder Brian Derck came in.  Not only was he excited by the opportunities that existed with a sudo-self publishing platform, but his experience as a marketing and graphic design executive took the production process from days to hours.  

Having worked together on various projects throughout the years, a formal partnership was a logical next step.  Together, we took apart the initial idea that I had and reconfigured it into what you are seeing today.

The Wedding Editorialist is unlike anything you have seen before.  We have taken the guess work out of self publishing, creating a step by step guide that walks couples and professionals through the narrative process.  Our photo delivery system and designs are at once modern and timeless.   Our printing partner delivers high-touch, beautifully bound magazines that you can proudly keep on your coffee table, send to family and friends, or even have placed in your guests' rooms for your destination wedding.

The Wedding Editorialist.  Telling your story the only way we know how to - in your words.  

It is with love that I thank you for visiting with us today, always and editorially yours...




Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito is often published, with works featured by the likes of BRIDES, Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, The NY Times, LA Times, Junebug Weddings, and more. With an eye catching style that shares not only the story, but the soul, of a wedding, Andrea's clients praise her for being their wedding planner, event designer, advocate, and friend.

An internationally acclaimed speaker, Andrea appears and speaks at events for the Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit, NACE, The Knot, the Wedding MBA, and more.  Named the Best Wedding Planner in Las Vegas (2013, 2015, 2016), Wedding Professional of the Year (2011) and ranked as one of the top 50 wedding planners world-wide, Andrea works with celebrities, athletes, executives, and all people in love!

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