Because every love story deserves to be told...

Welcome, Wedding Professionals and Ambassadors!

There is nothing more important to us than being your trusted partner.  Whether your goal is to sell issues for a profit (our partnering photographers have great success with this!) or to showcase your work in a new and interesting way (wedding planners, florists, and rental companies love showing off their dedicated issues in print and on line) we have a program for you!


Save yourself the time it would take to produce and edit a full magazine.  Make money.  Set yourself apart from the competition!

More and more often, we are finding that the modern couple is more interested in what they can share digitally than what they can hold onto as a legacy item.  Why choose?  Get both with The Wedding Editorialist. 

The Wedding Editorialist is the perfect mid-range product for you to sell to your clients.  Not only do they get a stunning online magazine they can share and send out to their friends and family, but they also get a printed piece which they can hold onto.  

Add "Magazine" to your product list.

Set the price to determine the profit you wish to make.  We recommend selling The Features Issue for $700 (for a $200 profit) and selling The Luxe issue for $1250 (which is a profit of $250).

Bill your client, and then purchase your issue directly from us. We will provide you with a custom, branded intake form complete with your logo.

Return the intake form and the photos to us.  We will complete the issue, and send it directly to you, so that you can manage the revision process with your clients.  

The completed magazine is sent directly to you, allowing you to customize the delivery experience as you see fit.

All magazines sold through the Wedding Pro Ambassador Program will receive 1 free spread, which equals 4 pages - a $100 value!

For every 5 issues you sell, we will gift you with 1 Pro Piece, or a credit for a free magazine.



If you prefer to send your clients directly to The Wedding Editorialist, simply send us an email and have your clients list you as the referring partner on the intake form.  Sell 5 issues of any kind, and you choose between a 10% commission OR a free Pro Piece.


We are here to help you with anything you may need - from sales training to presentations, to help you track our shared clients, or just to talk through any issues.

If you need anything, contact us at submissions@weddingeditorialist.com.  Put AMBASSADOR QUESTION in the title for priority response.